Sentencing study confirms doubts police made about reliability of data

Sentencing study confirms doubts police made about reliability of data

Sentencing study confirms doubts police made about reliability of data

NDP justice critic Randall Garrison has launched a lawsuit against RCMP claiming officers’ failure to adequately review the crime stats was “a disaster” for public safety.

The trial date has been set for April 22 and Garrison said the evidence shows the investigation’s conclusions about 제주콜걸RCMP crime stats were not backed up by police officer바카라 주소s.

“If they were able to make their recommendations and if they could have made a more timely release, they certainly should have done so, but for RCMP to sit on that analysis with the data on it as they were has been a disaster,” Garrison said at his launch on Thursday at the Ontario Public Interest Research Group’s annual legislative forum.

“It shows that police can get the numbers right, but they’re not listening to the police.”

The trial is being held at the Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association (OCJAR) in Ottawa.

In its court documents, RCMP claims it did not have enough information and analysis to make its recommendations.

“Based on a review of the police-reported crime stats, I am satisfied that the use of the report did not reflect the levels of crimes and crimes involving the mos울산콜걸t serious crimes,” said Const. Paul Carpourie.

“There was not sufficient information and analysis available to evaluate each and every crime at the provincial and local level. Specifically, information was not provided to me specifically on the homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery offences in particular. This lack of information was not anticipated.”

In response to the issue, Carpourie said there have been “significant improvements” in police-reported crime rates.

He said crime statistics have decreased as a result of greater collaboration between the police, the courts and victims to try and solve problems in communities.

However, Garrison said the RCMP has been quick to point to data breaches and other factors to show they failed to properly analyse the numbers.

“There were also significant concerns that officers were not aware of the data they had access to — which is exactly what they are supposed to be providing,” he said. “The problem, as far as the officers are concerned, is that the stats were so poor that they’re not even having the statistical capacity to make any reasonable assessment.”

“There are certain crimes that are quite difficult to identify. The majority of those are sexual offences. And the information that RCMP were given did not help to develop the investigative or prosecution effort of the RCMP in relation to those offences.”

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